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The cost to get into a Bay Area apartment or house continues to rise. Are you one of the number of family that had enough and need to get out of the area. San Jose still is the most expensive place to rent nationwide, with the median rent now at $3,760, a jump of more than 4% this year. Number two in the country is San Francisco and the East Bay, where the median rent is now $3,560, up nearly 4% this year. Across the rest of the country, the median rent is less than half of those figures. So, it's understandable why financial pros are increasingly hearing from people who say they’re thinking of moving. Look no farther! There are homes that are affordable and yet just a commute away to still enjoy the Bay Area.

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Hollister, CA

Hollister is about 40 miles commute to San Jose.

A 4-bedroom, 2.5 bath, right around 2,000 square foot home is going to be in the $600,000 range, where if you’re looking at the same home in Santa Clara County you’re looking at $1 million and up.

Mountain House

The homes of Mountain House offer spacious living spaces perfect for any lifestyle. Enjoy your choice of 3 to 6-bedroom homes ranging to over 3,600 sq. ft. with options that fit your family. If you telecommute, you can choose an office instead of an extra bedroom. If you have grandparents or extended family members living with you, they might appreciate the additional privacy that an extra living suite can offer. 

Tracy Hills

A project of nearly 5,500 homes is starting to take shape in the Tracy, with the first three foundations of homes being laid out in the Tracy Hills development.  Homes range from 1,800 square feet to 4,000 square feet, with prices starting in the upper $500,000-range.

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